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When u wish upon a ......

Norh Star bar show coming up on November 11 2006!!! See ya there. Check the shows page for more info.

Goodby to Friends.....

Well the Fire show on the 13th of August was our awesome friend and long time guitarist Josh (Yoshi) 's last show. We thank Josh for all hes done with the Tiddies and how far hes helped us come along.. We wish him all the best in all his endeavors and hope he comes back soon. Thanks Joshy...

Coming up the end of this month (September 28th) The Tiddies got a night of fun lined up for you at the khyber. Come check us out and all of our friends bands.. this is a night of friends all the bands are family and we will have a blast dont miss it... Kaufman, Alright Junior and Gentlemen Christ as well as the Tiddies will be blowing your ears out and serving up the 2dollar Pabst Bottles... See ya there.

Fun in the sun and August shows...

For the most up to date Tiddy info goto http://www.myspace.com/thetiddies .... We got some shows in August. First is at the Red Stallion in Warminster with Metroplex on the 5th of August. Then come down to the Fire on Sunday August 13th for a spectactular evening on the hottest night of the year for the Fire.

Wow, I am really really lazy...

So i haven't really updated the website in a while... The rest of the guys have been doing so good with out Myspace page and most of the world uses Myspace anyways so I guess its a good arena for info on the Tiddies... http://www.myspace.com/thetiddies .... This is where most of our info is as well as songs and Pics and links to all of our other favorite bands.. Check it out and sign up if you are 10 years behind and dont have a myspace account yet..

Ok thats out of the way... We have some really cool shows coming up. First up the Fire on Girard.. Thats gonna be Friday May 19th. Then coming up we got a great show playing at the First Unitarian Church in University City on Thursday June 1st. This show is gonna be amazing were playing for the US Funk Teams CD Release party.. Liam and Me , The Tiddies... Hail Social and The Funk Team..ALL AGES come on, dont miss it...
Then finally at the Tritone on June 10th with some of our very close bands.. check the shows page for more info.

When it rains it pours .....

Tons of new shows have been added for March and April.. Just check out the shows page. March 16th we're playin the Khyber, as you may or may not know. March 25th we're playing a really happening place in Trenton called the 449, with our friends in Blue Sky Invention-- a must see show.. Also, we just added two April shows.... one on April 7th at the Fire with Bumrunner.. and finally April 22nd @ the Grape Street on a Saturday night with Kaufman. Amazing shows. See you there!!!!

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln and Welcome back KKDN.....

Alright we are back at the Khyber on March 16th its a Thursday and we are playing with a really super band. Thats right kids the Dirt Nap is back in action and ready to rock with the Tiddies. You can buy advance tickets for this show from the Khyber on there website.. just follow the link on our shows page.

Happy Valentines Day from the Tiddies.....

Hows everyone been hope the holidays treated everyone well..... We had a really great turn out for the 31st Grape street show thanks to all who came out. Sorry if you missed us but there were some scheduling confilicts with the venue and we played alot earlier then expected!! I promise we will make it up to you at the next gig.

Speaking of the next gig... Come see us February 25th @ Club 218 on South street. Its a Saturday night and the doors open at 9, always a good time hope to see you there.

Merry Xmas time.....

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Grape street and to the Fire those shows were really amazing. Thanks to all the bands who made it two great nites of awesome music. Everyone deffinetly got there moneys worth for those shows... Thats why you cant wait for the next installment of the super bands ... this December 17th at the Conduit in New Jersy. Pabst is sponsoring the show and there will be dollar pabst specials all nite!!!!! be there!

New Show added for November dont miss it

All rite, looks like we got a great show on November 18th @ The Grape Street, its a Friday so its gonna be a great night, were playing with some great friends of ours Juliet and The Rebel Saints... Its gonna be awesome, so be there and be sure to tell the door who your there for!! Also we got a solid date on the January Grape Street show looks like its another Tuesday Night Music Club show with 93.3 WMMR on January 31st so mark your calendars peoples!!

And its been awhile since......

Anyone has updated the site... Well it looks as if we will be recording throughout the months of December and January, and preparing this November.. We have two shows that we will satisfy your need for the Tiddies with. In December we have an extravaganza that includes long time friends The Clamor and Metroplex and newly found love of Black Skylight. These are all awesome bands so make sure to come to the Fire on Dec. 3rd for that. Then in January we will be having another Grape Street show, details to come on that one.

Till Then.. Bye from Johnnymac and the Tiddies

From the desk of D@nko...

Greetings and salutations wonderkids and hipcats and kittens..The summer now at its close..i have time to reflect on the good times and ultralate nights. How we survived is as much a mystery to you as it is to your old friend danko..many friendships have grown stronger and many have flat out disappeared more for the latter thank goodness. A strength is forming though..a strong wind that is lifting us up to better and higher ground. Everyone is still starving but a hope is present. This has been a huge summer for us and all of our friends..whom id like to thank now humbly..metroplex.northstarinfinite.kinggod.theclamor.outerskyy.juliet.rebelsaints.kittykatdirtnap.kaufmann.givingchase.showintell.suicidepact.man so many to list..ive given props to all during this long summer on myspace.you know who you are. Id also want to thank the groups of fans as they double. Especially the Princeton crew..anyone that rolls with the mayor of foxchase..warminster kids..centercity kids..the juliet crew..everyone..its been a party almost everynight.In order for us all to survive this must continue..and im confident things will only get bigger. We are currently discussing nearfuture studio time to complete the next album quickly and painlessly.All the while this is happening..new songs have been written to top it off..and they will debut throughout the next few shows. The tiddie solo front which so far includes Math and I..
are chugging along strong..math (matt,mateoleo) having completed his debut solo “Presentation A” which will blow your mind. Im currently remastering some of the older things for rerelease with a few new bangers..before Christmas I promise. Well I suppose that’s about it for now..ill see you at the shows..and remember..myspace.com rules.we are all on there so look us up..

Much love
Danko as a representative of the tiddies.

www.myspace.com/mateoleo math. The keyboard guy
www.myspace.com/danko danko. The axe slasher
www.myspace.com/drunkmonkeyproductions yoshi. The axe slasher on the otherside of stage
www.myspace.com/johnnytiddy john.the drummer guy
www.myspace.com/jiminytiddybumps jim.the wacky bassist.

Happy hot summer spectacular and ex Porno for Pyros shows.....

All rite all, we got a couple of great shows coming up. First on the 24th the Tiddies are gonna rock the Grape street for an all ages extravaganza this Sunday July 24th.. I beielve its early and we go on around 6:00pm so be there.... Then Danko and Math are gonna tear it up at the 5 spot located at 5 S Bank St, Philadelphia on the 27th of July, be sure to see that its gonna be amazing. Followed by another All Ages show on July 29th @ Big Nicks in Philly with local legandary rockers (and good freinds) Metroplex... so i dont even have to tell you to mark your calanders for that one.

Coming up in August we got some very cool stuff, First on the 14th of August the Tiddies are playing an All Ages benefit for MS @ Fennarios in West Chester, early show at 3pm. Then on August 26th the Tiddies return to the Pontiac Grille to open up for ex Porno for Pyros member Peter Dustefano.... guaranteed amazing show. Check the shows page for links and directions.

The Tiddies are playing "Musical Shows" no pun intended......

Hey everyone , Big Nicks is happening, its This Thursday June 30th alll ages be there. We were told the wrong date for the Pontiac show which is this Wednesday June 29th...(our mangement rocks), so thats why we can do the Big Nicks show. And then to wrap all the madness up we are playing 218 on Friday the 1st of July... So take you pick or goto all 3 we love repeat offenders.

FALSE INFORMATION June 23rd Big Nicks show cancelled due to reschedule....FALSE INFORMATION

Hey everyone , Big Nicks changed the date of the upcoming all ages show to the 30th. Well thats the same day as our already scheduled Pontiac Grille show, so we cant play the all ages gig. Sorry kiddies.....get some fake IDs and see us donwtown at the Pontiac on the 30th. READ LATEST POSTS FOR THE TRUTH

ManiaTV.com interviews and Summer Jams 2K5 about to start so be informed..

Hows everyone been, we've been great. The Tiddies and Danko were just featured on ManiaTV.com and Dan got interviewed over the phone and got to pick some videos to play. It was a very hip very fun thing to do so thanks ManiaTV.com for looking out for the music scene.

Well, youve probably been wonderin when the eff are these guys gonna play another show.. Well your prayers have been answered with a whole barrage of rockin shows for everyone. First we got an all ages show Thursday June 23rd at Big Nicks in NE philly so i expect to see all you youngins there. Then we got a great gig @ the Pontiac Grille on South Street on June 30th (great venue).

So far in July we got some amazing shows and more to come. But the biggie will be an extravaganza @ the Grape Street pub whcih may include a special performance by D@nK0, thats on July 24th. After that we got a burning sensation to relieve at the Fire @ 4th and Girard on July 30th.

See You at all these (insert synonym for great here) shows!!!!!!!!

Awwww pooow witlle danny and matty are sick WAHHHHH!!!!........

Well Tidds i guess may just isnt our month.... Johnnymac here, i got sick last week and brought it to practice and now Dan and Matt have some kinda crazy respitory infection (go cigatete smokers) and now they cant sing or talk. Isnt that awesome well no 218 show tomorrow sorry charlie!!

But if anyone cares i feel fine now.. and im gonna go to the stallion and get drunk on Friday and watch the plex and the dirt nap rock it.

Emerald city show canceled........

Looks like thers been a change in booking management at Emerald city and they will no longer be doing the all ages shows on Sundays. Really sux cause its rare to have a place to play in philly to all ages. Oh well such is life.. come and see us at 218 on Friday may 20th. See u there.

Another show to see........

Hope everyone is well, theTiddies just got back from camping extavaganza in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived back we found a lovely show waiting for you and I at Club 218 on south street. Friday May 20th doors are at 9, be there its a good venue in a good location, 21+

And dont forget to get yourself a copy of the Tiddies CD while your there or online.. 5$ here.

New Show Added........

Hola eveyerone...we just added a new show @ Emerald City on Sunday May 22nd. Its an all ages show so see ya'll there.

And dont forget to get yourself a copy of the Tiddies CD while your there or online.. 5$ here.

Dearest Children........

Hello from across the great blue.Yours truly Lord Hawthorne and I have been touringthe world for five months.People have been more than hospitable and kind.Please send my regard to Ms. Garret and Tutee.... oh and tell Tootie to stop roller skating in the house!

As you know our full length album has been recorded, pressed, and is ready for distribution!!!! Due to today's economic standards you can buy the most rockenist album of all time for the price of under two gallons of gas!!! (5$ shipped) Thank you George bush and the Republican Party for we salute your frivolous efforts in economic balance God Bless America...

Forever in Debt to yers and yours,
Sir Danko and The tiddies.
Year of our lord two thousand aught five

Post Script: Lord Hawthorne of the Orient has lost his foot to poor circulation during our treacherous journey thru the hills of Mozambique. Please send penicillin and a wooden foot to the proper Addressee.

Come see D@nk0's first solo gig!

Ok well, Dan is braving the stage on his own tonite @ Whiskey Dix... Dont miss it, you can check out his stuff @ www.myspace.com/danko
Then hes playin again @ the Manhattan Room on the 4th of March... mayhap the Tiddies will surprise eveyone with a set too.
THEN the Tiddies have a great all ages gig @ the Fire on the 6th be there kiddies.

We got a great great eggcellent show coming up at our favorite place ever... The Khyber... Its been a while since the Khyber and The Tiddies have danced...... so it should be a great time. The Khyber show is on March 19th so dont miss it!

Monday is V-Day so give Halmark some Money

This Monday is valentines day, so dont forget that special someone..... LOL. Anyway lots going on in the world of the Tiddies. Matty K had his first solo gig the other night at Club 218, that was great, Matt sends his love to all who came out and supported him. Also coming up on the 22nd of February is our very own Danny Danko's first solo gig @ Whiskey Dix, this will be amazing so u better be there.

We also have a very very special gig coming up in March. We will be playing an all ages show, thats right kiddies were playing for you. We cant wait to play this show, as it will be with some very special bands. The Bloody Stool band (just look at the name for f's sake) and The US Funk team. Guranteed enjoyment for all who go. And just cause its all ages dont meant that the bar isnt open to you 21 plusers.

Happy New Year and Merry Xmas...

Well welcome to 2005 thanks for everyone whos been checking us out in 04 keep it coming in 05!!!! We got some great shows coming up this month. Come check us out this Saturday @ Doc Watson's its gonna be great. So is next Tuesday @ Whiskey Dix, with showin tell, and alll that yaeger stuff. Then spend friday with us close to home in the o so lovly NE philadelphia @ Big Nix on bustelton and the blvd. See ya TiDDsters soon.

Tiddies are on the road soon, Come see us before we leave!!!

The Tiddies are hitting the road this Saturday the 11th to rock out in Deleware. Thats right Newark Deleware. Were playing a pretty hip place called "The Blak Kat", should be AMazinG!! I hear they really love the music in Deleware. Oh were coming back too, but it sounded cool to say were leaving.

So before we "leave" come see us tonite at Whiskey Dix in center city Philly. Thats at 7th and Callowhill rite next door to the Electric Factory. Were playing with a band called "Showin Tell" from the what I hear you dont want to miss them at all. AT ALL specially if your a dude. Im "excited" to play with them!

Happy Birthday Jimmi Gunnz!!!

Gues what!!! Its Jimmi Gunnz birthday. Come to Doc Watson's tonite to celebrate. Free drinks all nite on Jim, hes buying. So dont worry bout having cash cause Jim has Assloads!!!! Then when you wake up tomorow all hung over from all the drinks Jimmy bought you out of his own pocket, You can show up at Big Nicks in the Northeast for an extraveganza that is sure to blow you away.

BTW we are playing tonite with a band called "The Assrockers" so besides being the Jimmin Gunnz birthday spectacular, its also gonna be called the
"T&A" show. Get it? Thats funny rite, well we thought so......See ya tonite!!!

Free Show!!! Free Shows!!!!

Our next two shows coming up in October are FREE, thats right! FREE!!!! Even better is there not shitty venues, there amazing venues :)
So mark your Calanders, Wednesday October 20th @ the Whiskey Tango (this place is huge!). Then the next week on Thursday the 28th of October @
the Mill Creek tavern in University City (near UPenn and Drexel). FREE FREE!!!!!


We gots lots of shows lined up..you down? Sept 24 at Big Nicks saloon. Oct 28th at mill creek Oct 20th at Whiskey tango..we will give you all the info accordingly!! For current daily updates visit our myspace spot..http://www.myspace.com/thetiddies its a hipster community join up today!!

Friday is at Big nicks in northeast philly it should be a rockin affair with the cool kids Juliet bangin out a set with us..they got pabst so have no fear.

Seriously this time No Kiddin.........

The album will be released in November..we are currently looking for a hip title..send us your suggestions!.. No Joke, its mastered just needs to be pressed.
Email title suggestions to albumsuggestions@thetiddies.com

Happy Birthday J-RO!!!!!!Surprise Surprise!!!

We rocked out at the Red Stallion last week on one of the biggest bills philly or the like has ever seen..Metroplex and Suicide Pact in full effect! it was ultradope..everyone was ripped and i myself was lucky enough to sing "this is not a test" with the Plex 3 it was fun as shit although i probobly sucked it up and i think i may have accidentally destroyed mattroplex's pedals because my hieniken wouldnt stay in its bottle..for this im sorry and will replace any equipment destroyed..but what the hell its rock and roll baby! Happy birthday Jacktro..im definately your bitch..well im rambling..take care in rockstar socks..

danko jimmynoshow mattyfrightnight joshie jmizzle the tiddies

Gearin up for Whiskey Tango.....

Were getting ready to rock out this Wednesday at the Tango.... Be sure to be there, we have a couple of surprises lined up for those in the audience. I also heard that there may be some Zombies in the house.....

Also Heads up to everyone comin to our Big Nicks show. It has been moved to September 24th. Juliet will be sharing the stage with us yet agian so be sure to be there.

New Tiddies Songs for Listening and New Shows for a Watchin.........

We've updated the sneak peak list for ya'll tidsters. Check it out on the music page. And of cours you can still check out the original Long EP which stated this Tiddies maddness so many years ago. And dont forget about the video stuff .... more coming soon!!!!

New shows added too!!! We're happy to say were playing the local nite at Whiskey Tango ( you know the old Johns on Philmont and Busstelton), So far we know were playing with Juliet so dont miss it. NO COVER!!!!! Thats Rite NO COVER!!!!! This place is really cool with a great stage and sound system so it would be a great show to check out. We also got another show coming soon to Big Nicks be shure to find out all about it on the Shows page.

Flippy big shticks in da hizouse!

Big Nicks was tony the tiger great!! We had tons of fun thanks to everyone for comin out. Thanks to Juliet for playing an awesome set.
you wanna see the
tiddies live..well heres your chance. large
and in charge its the tiddies!

Attention Suburbanites!!
We will be playing a very cool show this Saturday night at The Red Stalion in Warminster on Count Line road. Best of all SENILE CITY REUNION is playing. Don't be surprised if the sign says Metroplex on it lol..... So any of you suburbanites out there that wanna short trip to see The Tiddies rock it come on by. The door should only be like 3 bucks if anything.

She's On Fire.........
The Fire show was awesome! There were lots of people there and lots of new faces. Thanks to Haverford College Radio for coming out to check us out. Thanks to everyone else who came to see us, it really made the night. NorthStar Infinite and Senile City Reunion and Fire Tips were unreal cant wait to play with them again. Coming up we got Big Nicks again in NE Philly so I wanna see all you local heads there.

Good Ol South street
Due to the Greek Picinic the Pontiac Grille has decided not to open on Friday night. Therefore our show has been moved to The Fire on 412 W.Girard. The Fire is an awesome club and we can't wait to play there......... Best of all NorthStar Infinite is gonna be there!! Check it out Tidsters. Click the shows link for more info.

Surprise Surprise......
We Had lots of fun playing with NorthStar Infinite @ DocWatson's Pub on 11th street. It was a last minute thing for us so we tried out some new songs that seemed to go over real well. We had tons of fun and there tons of heads so it was a rockin nite for Tidster's. We actually remembered the video camera so may hap we'll post some of it on the website.

Coming up we got the Pontiac show so check it out.

Happy Birthday Daniel P. .......
Well its been a while since the last site update. We've been taking it easy in this quiet calm before the storm of our new album!!

The Grape Street show was a blast thanks to everyone who came out it was a great nite!! We appreciate everyones support.

Be on the look out for the new album and a ton of shows to follow. Its gonaa be rockin, I hope to get some previews of the new stuff up soon.

You really need to check out WWw.RedStarManagement.Com that is the location of all that is good in Philadelphia. Music is getting better here and things are looking up for all involved in this scene of ours. Be a part of it SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC, specifically us and our friends www.redstarmanagement.com

We need your help for album names and art ideas theres still some space to fill....open forum send your suggestions to albumsuggestions@thetiddies.com

Hey tiddsters.......
We are at the vocal stage of the recording process so hopefully youll have the tiddie full length (tentatively titled "in the valley and shadow..appleboel")in hand by feb..soooo...stay tuned

We had tons of fun on Turkey Eve playing with Metroplex, The Dirt Nap and The Pact in wich we commit Suicide. Everyone got drunk and got home safe....Johhnymac didnt get drunk....he drove (whadda guy..)

Last night we did the acoustic jam thing at club 218..goodtimes indeed!
setlist 12/3:

jesus dont want me for a sunbeam
cause and execution
hay un pulpo en la cara

And i sincerely want to apologize for belching on stage..it was crude rude and way outta line..i dont know what i was thinking. (lmfao)

tiddsters elite and uncompromised i bid you aloha! welcome to september..here we are face to screen once again wether it be a big ol cancerous tube monitor or one of those hipster flatscreens..ONE SHOW TO GO TILL TIDDIEBREAK 2K3!! what is TIDDIEBREAK 2K3?..welp..even low level rockers like ourselves need a friggin' break now and again to concentrate on the buisness aspects of rock jediness..which means that soon you will be rocking to a whole new beast of a tiddies album!! yes..i know your oh so very excited but please try to compose yourself! so like i was saying..one more show..and what better way to dive out than off of the super coolio Khyber stage! the date is September 13th and the bands are absolutely wonderful (did someone say jane anchor,the collapse..and peppers ghost??). the time is 9 and by then..after a few pabst brews we'll be feelin' jusss fine baby!!so come see us for the next show may end up being a Christmas present! Dont worry yon tiddoes we will keep you entertained one way or the
other so keep checking the site for more news and most wonderful word herdage..

much love in fluffy knit gloves..
suganuttz..ben affleck..john john blaze..the pissant and pinky
tuscadero..the tiddies.

ps.hidden link somewhere on site for bouncing joy.

Caustic Resin and The Khyber
Hey hey hey!
well in a word the Caustic Resin Tiddie extravaganza at the Khyber was down right off the meat rack! We rocked it and it was a wonderful turnout (better than we ever expected!) and Caustic Resin rocked the house as well! (one dollar PBR's till 8..life can be good at times!).The Tiddies have made many new friends over the course of the summer and many people had a great deal to do with this still rolling Summer run...thanks to Robyn of three hot chicks and KKDN fame for hooking up the khyber show..we all love her..shes wonderful..thanks Robyn!! We now have wonderful friends in the world of radio as well..91.7 WKDU Drexel radio..They were a significant force in getting heads to the Khyber show and they also have been Rockin the Tiddies over the Philly airwaves so give em a listen, they are trying to bring back some indie to battle the metal hell of local music shows that has been spewed recently on stations we'd rather not mention.THANKS LADIES AND GENTS!! KEEP ROCKIN IT! KDU! KDU! ..the all ages show at HP was a good time as well.thanks alot to angelo and the fellas of MORRISROE for spreadin the tiddie word as its born!!(morrisroe rocks! they're drummer will is off the hinges!) welp..we have two shows coming up in august..Malokai's and Clup HP..so stay tuned for mo' info and we will surely be giving away some tixx on KDU 91.7..so keep an eye and ear out!! WELL SEE YOU SOON TIDDIE LOVERS!!

love in positive movement and squashing negative capabilities...

dan dank..jim jams..mac attack..math attack 2k3..and josh..the tiDDies

The tiDDies rocked the Troc Balcony……
Thanx so much to everyone who made it out to the Balcony on Thursday…. The support is always appreciated. All apologies for the 3D mishap. At least we got to sport the glasses again, so all was not lost. It shall go more smoothly next time-- keep your eyes and ears open for the next 3D event. Very special thanx to who else?? The THREE HOT CHICKS, of course. They continue to take the planet Philadelphia by storm…. www.threehotchicks.com for all the latest and greatest. Also thanx to all the other bands that helped shake up the Balcony….. DAVE GRAY (you effin rock brother)…. teenage girls…. WILLIAM'S EVE….. and who could forget WESTGATE (good luck to both the EVE and the GATE on their coming tour). We'd also like to welcome a new member to our flock….. musical prodigy Matt Kuntzman who finally reunited with his tiDDy kin at the Balcony and damn near tore the roof off the mutha-effin place. Keep checkin back for dates/shows when you can check this cat out. Phoenix will debut soon Steph, we promise……As always, filthy dirty forbidden love…. danny, jimmy, johnny, joshie and phat matt… the tiDDies.
We love you tiDDy tiDDy bang bang….
In case you haven't heard….. the tiDDies have at long last secured a tour van!!! We have affectionately dubbed her the tiDDy tiDDy BANG BANG - and she is superb, thanx very much. Now we can come visit your town!! If you see that van a-rockin, you BEST come in and join the jammy jam…. The squealin ain't the belts!!!

The Tiddies Origivation Review is out....
Special thanks to Vex X of Origivation Magazine for an awesome write up in this months issue. Click here to read the article. Tiddies Origivation Article , or pick up a copy at any local bar/club and Tower Records.
The Tiddies to open up for Caustic Resin July 31st at the Khyber.
The Tiddies are moving up in the world, honored to be opening up for IndieRock-Legends Caustic Resin. Headed by frontman Brett Netson who has toured/recorded with such acts as Built To Spill. Be sure not to miss this one its gonna be a spectacular show.
Thanks to everyone who all who came out to support us this weekend...
Hola friends and tiDDiefolk, welcome to the new tiDDie website!..Thanks so much to those who came out to kelly's thursday night (FREAKING $2 PBR my god what a lovely place!) and club hp on friday (HOLLA BACK YOUNGINS'!)..we truely appreciate your support and please keep the emails coming!! the tiDDies will be in the July issue of Origivation!!So hit up the bars and shows and get a copy!www.origivation.com!(thanks VEX!!!) thank you to the THREE HOT CHICKS individually and as the SUPERPOWER THEY ARE IN PHILLY ROCK!!Word up to the 3HC network!!EHAHAH!!www.threehotchicks.com..and last but not least..check out the tiDDies in 3-D at The Balcony July 10th! take care in glitter undersocks.. daniel p. jimmy.john jump. joshie and keefer..the tiDDies.

Things are changing...
As you may have noticed, this site is changing you will find all the information you need here so please keep checking back

The Tiddies and the Chicks...
As you may know, The Tiddies have become a part of the Three Hot Chicks Promotions family. This means more shows and tons of promotions for our upcoming endeavors. check them out at www.threehotchicks.com

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Chizeck This stuff OUT!
- The best community for friends ever

Metroplex - Unbeleiveable band with unreal talent

RedStar Management - Self Explanatory

Three Hot Chicks - Our friends in Booking and Promo

Kitty Kat Dirt Nap - Awesome indie rock band with a synth!

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